Recent global economic changes called for the creation of innovative business models providing individuals with an alternative lending and borrowing solution.

Multiple studies confirmed the positive liaison between private sector credit evolution and economic productivity. In the absence of reasonably robust growth in unsecured lending since the end of the 2008/09 recession, the South African economy would still have been in recession today.

Quinn finance is driven by desire to empower not only individuals to improve personal conditions but also working to mend overall economic wellness.


Now, is it not true that pressure brings out potential above and beyond expectation in a person or situation? This is exactly the case here. Entrepreneur Roeloff Quinn had a vision that he would change the face of serial entrepreneurship with the addition of compassion to run-of-the-mill business operations. This was the birth of Quinn Finance.

An opportunity was seized at a time when the existing trend of successful micro loan companies ascended. Quinn recognised the lack of empathy in this tendency and made this the company’s unique selling point. What can an organisation achieve with the addition of sentiment? You guessed it; trust!

Successful business is all about trust and Quinn had just established that!

Out with the old and in with the new. What sets Quinn Finance apart from the rest of the players in the field, is our old fashioned approach in dealing with people with empathy. Especially those who need an instant solution to their financial challenges.

Quinn Finance started with a single outlet and within 3 years we extended to 4 very successful and profitable branches spread over Gauteng and KZN.

The success of these outlets calls for expansion and we want to offer the business minded person, the serial entrepreneur, the first time entrepreneur and the person stuck in a dead end job, the opportunity to thrive just like us!


Call to mind a time long gone. Look back in nostalgia to years ago when customer service was special, personal and true; a time when you knew the banker (and the baker) by name and he welcomed you with a warm hand shake – knowing exactly what you are going through. Your ups and downs was understood and empathised with.

Unfortunately things changed in the last few decades. With globalization of most everything round us that individual attention, personal touch and understanding was lost in the system. Trust vanished and we are left isolated, alone and dependent on our own ability to act objectively. Quinn Finance changed all that; for the better this time.